"Blade Warrior" intentional homicide charges will not be established will face a term of imprisonment

Shooting the case of his girlfriend said
Pistorius in the court sentenced the scene to tears. According to Reuters, South African judges local time on the 11th in the "Blade Warrior" shooting girlfriend case said that the prosecution did not prove that Pistorius "has a clear murder motive." The trial judge, Maspa, said the prosecution had not made enough convincing evidence to "prove his guilt" in the process of accusing Pistorius of "intentional homicide charges". Maspa said, "Blade Warrior" intentional homicide charges are not established. The report said the verdict was a good news for Pistorius, but he was still likely to face a lighter murder charge, and the time of imprisonment was probably not very short. It is reported that when the presiding judge on a page reading aloud, Pisitosi head pressure is very low, eyes full of tears. Prior to the trial judge has questioned the prosecution witness testimony, said it has many doubt. The judge also said that the prosecution of both sides of the evidence of the relationship between Pistorius and his girlfriend are not convincing, "the relationship between the two is good or bad, the court sentenced no effect." The judge also said that Pisitos personal The testimony also has inconsistent place. "Blade Warrior" Oscar Pistorius was arrested on February 14, 2013 Valentine's Day, shooting girlfriend Riva? Stank Camp. 27-year-old Pistorius denied intentional shot, and said he thought it was someone diving into the house.

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