Humiliation Daimler executives were friends of a Chinese woman but suffer

Daimler China also said
There are friends exposed material, November 20 at around 12 noon, Beijing Shunyi central villa area, a foreign executives men due to parking disputes public abuse of Chinese residents, and with a pepper water sprayed a Chinese owners eyes. Subsequently, the foreign executives of the information was human, with the phone number of the work card out of the Internet. Citizen Zhang Yu (a pseudonym) to reflect, because of its number and network executives phone number similar, recently she suffered from strange telephone and SMS harassment. 21 evening, Daimlerka Bus (China) Co., Ltd., said the company has been involved in the removal of executives. Netizens exposed material said, November 20 at around 12 noon, in Shunyi District, Yu Jing Garden Club, when her friend reversing into the parking spaces, a white middle-aged man driving a black Mercedes-Benz, suddenly quickly from the rear Came and seized the parking spaces. Friends and their theoretical process, the foreign man scolded the dirty words: "I am in China one year already this first thing I learned here is: ALL YOU CHINESE ARE BASTARD!", "I came to China for a year. Understand the first thing is that you Chinese people are hybrids (dog mother) raised! ", And come up with pepper water spray to disperse the surrounding masses, friends were sprayed eyes. User microblogging broke the news screenshots. The broke the news friends told the front street on the 1st reporter, the hospital diagnosed, her friend eyes for chemical burns, corneal damage. Her friend said he was still thinking about whether or not to defend rights through legal channels. On the evening of November 20, Shunyi police said that the police received the crowd that the two owners of the district due to parking problems dispute. Police immediately rushed to the scene, and the investigation of the relevant circumstances, the police are working further. The foreign man in the police station to accept the inquiry. (User for map) 21 morning, the district property staff told reporters that the two people in the district of public parking spaces at the dispute, the matter has been delivered to the police. The foreign man's vehicle. The foreign man for the Mercedes-Benz car company executives in China, called Rainer Gartner, living in the Garden of Yu Jing. The former street on the 1st reporter learned that the man for the Daimlerka Bus (China) Co., Ltd. employees, corporate information online information, the company set up in September 2012, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, while the legal person English name is also just for Rainer Gartner, Chinese called "high heiner." Previously media reports, Rainer Gartner was 50 years old and became president and chief executive officer of Daimler Card China (China) Co., Ltd. on July 1, 2015, after being head of Daimler Trucks Korea. It is reported that Beijing Benz Co., Ltd. (Beijing Benz) is a joint venture between Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. and Daimler AG and Daimler Greater China Investment Co., Ltd., which was established on August 8, 2005. 21 am, Daimler Greater China company related staff told reporters that the network of foreign men to disguise the parking spaces for the company's employees, and on the matter issued a media statement. The statement said that on November 20 a Daimler Card (China) Co., Ltd. employees in Beijing and another party occurred in private disputes, the relevant departments are still investigating, the company is currently fully cooperate with the investigation. At the same time that for the private dispute deeply regret, the dispute in the staff of any personal speech does not mean that our position. The statement also said that after the investigation, the company will take the necessary measures. The foreigners curse things quickly lead to hot friends, there are friends that even the company with their boycott, the man information has been human flesh. Online outflow of suspected foreign executive man work card, the work card on the name of Rainer Gartner, there are men on the phone and workplace, the work unit shows Daimlerka Bus (China) Co., Ltd.. 21 evening, the reporter dialed the phone found that the phone has been shut down. Citizen Zhang Yu (a pseudonym) to reflect her cell phone number and online exposure to the humble Chinese executives phone number similar to the recent has been a number of unfamiliar phone and SMS harassment, desperation, it can only use the phone software shield unknown Number, seriously affected its daily communication. Zhang Yu received harassment SMS. Zhang Yu said that she from the evening of 20 or so began to receive unfamiliar SMS and telephone, she provides SMS screenshots show that the text of the text referred to the Internet by the humble inscribed by Rainer Gartner communications information, and for its abuse Speech, "from yesterday to today, probably have 40 phones, each are ringing two or three, then no one to speak, the phone in the evening to fight the highest frequency." Zhang Yu told the front street reporter, "I phone tail number and his similar, and now just want to let everyone know that I am their own people, you are wrong." Zhang Yu received the abuse of text messages. 21 afternoon, Shunyi police released a circular, said the two men in Shunyi a district due to parking problems caused by the dispute, Shunyi police quickly handled the police, and the relevant circumstances were investigated. At present, the parties according to the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law" provisions, has voluntarily reached a mediation agreement. Executives have been removed from the 21 evening, the reporter learned from Daimler China, the executives have been removed from office. Daimler's re-release of the report shows that the media reported that Daimlerka (China) Co., Ltd. a management member and another party occurred in private disputes, is entirely a personal event. The relevant departments of the event has been the end of the inquiry, the parties should be required by the parties, has reached a settlement through consultation privately. According to the disclosure of the media, the nature of the dispute, especially the improper handling of the staff and words and deeds have caused a very bad impact on the public, while the company's corporate culture, brand philosophy runs counter to, and with the company The identity of the required professional manager does not match. In view of the above considerations, the company has immediately removed the handling of the staff. In the briefing, Daimler China also said that the incident raised a great deal of concern and controversy, and to the public and the community apology.

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